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Polar Investments LLC

Fund Coming Fall 2018


Algorthimic Trading

Polar has developed state of the art trading strategies based on algorthims which analyze over 600 currencies 24/7. Polar Investments LLC optimizes buys and sells to maxamize gains. Sign up below to learn more about our algorithmic trading strategy.


Easy to Use

Analyzing strange cryptocurrencies can be a daunting task for even the most technical investors. Polar Investments LLC takes all the stress away. All you need to do is transfer money to your Polar Account. We handle the rest.



Ensuring our assets and customer information is protected is a major priority for our team. All assets are stored offline except when buying and selling to protect against hackers.



Investors will be able to track their fund growth, transfer more funds, or withdraw funds straight from the web interface. Mobile applications for Android and iOS will be released following the launch of Polar Investments first fund.

To learn more about investing with Polar Investments click the join button below. If you are not sure about investing with Polar Investments yet but would like to stay up to date with the latest news, then click subscribe below to subscribe to email notifications.

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Road Map


The Seed

Original team consisting of Howie Forman, Ben Langley, Zach Forman, and Tyler Olcott form to discuss a new cryptocurrency start up. These four investors recognize the possible growth in this new market and begin developing what is now Polar Investments.

Jan 2018

Polar Investments LLC

Polar Investments files for a Limited Liability Company in the state of New Jersey.

Feb 18, 2018

Marketing Efforts

Polar Investments has brought on Sam Ritter to lead the marketing strategy for the launch of the Polar Investment hedge fund. He will work closely with the management team to develop a strategy to investors buying into the fund.

May 2018

Algorithm Testing in Simulation

Polar Investments will be testing their algorithm in simulation on the tradingview platform. The simulation will be used to tweak the algorithm and provide the management team with historical performance to support the launch of the first Polar fund.

June 2018

Legal Documentations

The Management team will be developing a hedge fund prospectus and will be filing all legal and regulatory documents with the State of New Jersey and the SEC prior to the launch of the fund.

Aug 2018

Fund Available

Once the Simulation is completed, and legal documents filed, Polar Investments will be launching a hedge fund. After being accepted to join the Polar Investments hedge fund, users will be given unique account information. After creating an account, users will be able to move money (USD + select cryptocurrencies) to their Polar Investments Account.

Sep 2018

Mobile App Deployed

After the inital release of the Polar Investment Funds, a mobile application will be released for iOS and Android. The mobile app will allow investors to manage their accounts, invest more into our funds, or withdraw to their bank account.

Fall 2018
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Howie Forman

Chief Executive Officer

Howie is a graduate of Bucknell University with a BS in mathematics and an MS in Operations Research from Columbia University. He began researching the cryptocurrency market back in 2016 and has expertise in developing trading algorithms which are the backbone of the Polar crypto funds.

Ben Langley

Chief Technology Officer

Ben is a Senior at Bucknell University studying Computer Science Engineering. He began trading cryptos back in 2016 and has since teamed up with Polar to develop the software technologies required to analyze and profit from the cryptocurrency market.

Zach Forman

Chief Operating Officer

Zach is a Junior at Bucknell University studying Civil Engineering. He began researching the cryptocurrency market back in 2015, and has since been analyzing the historical data to help create successful algorithms, which are the backbone of Polar Investments.

Tyler Olcott

Chief Information Officer

Tyler is a Junior at The College of New Jersey studying Finance and Information Systems & Technology. His passion for the cryptocurrency market started in 2015 and has grown ever since. He has been evaluating current and past data of hundreds of different cryptocurrencies to maintain the most advanced and up to date algorithms for Polar investors.

Samuel Ritter

Chief Marketing Officer

Sam is a Junior at Bucknell University studying Accounting and Finance. He has been working with alternative investments since 2014 and has continued to develop his knowledge and interest in financial markets thereafter. His experience in wealth management and other advisory roles enables him to understand and communicate the needs of Polar Investment's external stakeholders.